Manchester United Soccer Schools Airport Transfer Information

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Manchester United Airport Transfer Information

Manchester United Soccer Schools provides a negotiated transfer service from Manchester International (MAN) Airport to the residential facility. All airport transfers must be pre-arranged. After collecting their luggage, your child will proceed through customs then to the arrivals hall where MUSS staff will be holding a big Manchester United Soccer Schools sign. If your child makes his way to this sign MUSS staff will meet  and escort him all the way from the airport to the venue. Depending on your child’s flight time, there may be a short wait in the airport as MUSS have to wait for other children to arrive. However, once your child has met with MUSS staff, he is supervised at all times.

You will need to inform us in writing of the arrival and departure time and flight details as soon as possible.

On Arrival, flights need to arrive on Sundays between the hours of 7:00am and 7:00pm (19:00). No pick ups can be arranged for flights arriving outside this time period; parents will need to make arrangements outside this time frame with taxis or other private transportation companies.

We always recommend mid/late morning arrivals as there are no activities planned until late afternoon on arrival days.

For departure on Fridays, flights need to depart between 2:00pm (14:00) and 8:00pm (20:00), if your departure flight is before 2:00pm (14:00), you will leave from Denstone College and miss the closing ceremony at Old Trafford stadium. No drop offs can be arranged for flights departing outside this time period from Old Trafford (only from Denstone College from 10:00 to 1:45pm (13:45)) ; parents will need to make arrangements outside this time frame with taxis or other private transportation companies. It is preferable, if possible, for participants to get a flight from 6:00pm (18:00) until 8:00pm (20:00) as the closing ceremony at Old Trafford stadium ends around 4:00pm (16:00). If the participant leaves before that time he will miss part or all of the closing ceremony.

There is also an option to stay on a Friday night (additional fee) and take a flight on Saturday, if you choose this option and book an airport transfer, the one way transfer fee on Saturday morning from Denstone College to Manchester airport will be the same as the one way arrival fee  (departure flight times on Saturday have to be between 7am and 7pm), see price details on the price page.

On the departure day MUSS staff will take your child to the check in desk and then to the security gate. MUSS can also make arrangements to transfer your child to the airline’s unaccompanied minor service if you check the unaccompanied minor box in your online booking.

Also available (additional fee required):  roundtrip Bus Transfer from central London to Denstone College (departure Sunday, return Saturday) Roundtrip Bus Transfer and Friday night stay at Denstone College included. The bus departs near Kensington Olympia Railway Station at 12noon Sunday morning and returns approximately 12noon (based on London traffic!) on Saturday at the same place. The pick-up/drop-off point will be along Blythe Road, outside the Olympia Venue,  members of MUSS staff will be present to meet and greet.

It is of vital importance that all necessary flight details are sent to Soccer Camps International with the booking form or as soon as available. Manchester United Soccer Schools requires the exact flight information, including dates, airlines, flight numbers, arrival and departure terminals, and flight times at the latest 4 weeks before camp starts.

Approximate Journey Time:

  Denstone Old Trafford
Manchester Airport 1 hr. 30 minutes 30 minutes