Manchester City Football Performance

The Manchester City Football Schools program in Manchester, England, is available for soccer players aged 9 – 17 years with the Soccer Performance Program for boys and girls from 14 – 17 years old and the Soccer Development Program for boys and girls from 9 – 13 years old. The Manchester City Football Performance Program is an intensive 5-night soccer training program which takes place at Manchester City’s world-class training facility, the City Football Academy.

Delivered by City Football Schools coaches and specialists, this Manchester Camp program gives players an authentic insight into the world of professional soccer at the home of Manchester City. With unique access to the Club’s training philosophy and methodology, you will experience how Manchester City’s teams strive to play beautiful football – an attractive, technically-skilled, forward-playing game – and how the players optimize their training sessions to earn a competitive edge from week to week.

The Manchester City Soccer Schools program is for boys and girls from ages 9 – 17.


(due to COVID-19 International Travel Restrictions by UK Government and 10 days quarantine requirement on arrival in England for most countries)



Experience Manchester City’s training philosophy and methodology on the City Football Performance and Development Programs this summer. Designed to help you improve your soccer skills in an authentic professional training environment, the summer training programs are based at Manchester City’s world-class training facility, the City Football Academy.

Take your game to the next level in an intensive 5-night soccer education program at the City Football Academy which is the home of Manchester City’s First Team, Women’s Team, and Academy teams.

Train like a young Manchester City player in the heart of the Etihad Campus and discover how Manchester City’s inspiring City Football Academy provides the best possible environment for young players to take their game to the next level while training with other players from around the world.

COVID-19 protocols in place at the camp location during the summer:

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Manchester City Football Performance

(14 – 17 years old)

  • Through a series of training sessions, workshops, and tests delivered by City Football coaches and specialists, you will develop your individual game while focusing on Soccer Performance, Human Performance, and Development of Talent
  • Boys sessions and Girls sessions are available for campers from 14 to 17 years old.
  • Please see the Dates Page for Performance Program session availability.

Manchester City Football Development

(9 – 13 years old)

  • The City Football Development Program is an initiative for enthusiastic players aged 9-13 who are at the start of their soccer journey, focusing on supporting the development of young players who are learning the fundamentals of the game
  • Junior Boys sessions and Junior Girls sessions are available for campers from 9 to 13 years old.
  • Please see the Dates Page for Development Program session availability.

Etihad Campus and the City Football Academy:

The Manchester City Football Performance Program takes place in the heart of the Etihad Campus at the world-class City Football Academy training facility which is shared by Manchester City’s First Team, Women’s Team, and Academy teams.

The 80-acre facility has been designed to help young players achieve their goals in a truly inspirational location. The Performance and Development players will train on the Academy pitches and the full-size indoor pitch at the City Football Academy. The Performance players from 14 to 17 years old will also have a unique opportunity to experience the facilities at the MIHP (Manchester Institute of Health and Performance) which is an elite high-performance facility located right next to the Etihad Campus.


Aspects of Soccer Skills:

The programme looks at different aspects of footballing skills, for example how to be creative in 1v1 situations, to dominate possession and score goals. These themes are further broken down into two specific areas that reflect how Manchester City look to play:

  • In Possession: Build up play from the back, build up play through central areas, leading to a creation and finalization phase to score goals.
  • Out of Possession: Press from the front, defend in units in the middle third and ultimately protect the goal.

Soccer Education Coaching:

During the delivery of practical sessions the individual needs of players may be addressed in the following ways, depending on age, physical attributes and experience:

  • Specific challenges to different players
  • Testing of individual knowledge and understanding
  • The use of simplified or more detailed language

Message from the Manager:

“We look forward to welcoming young players from all over the world to the City Football Academy to experience how City players train and play.”

Pep Guardiola – Manager, Manchester City

Parents are invited to the Etihad Campus!
Parents are welcome to attend the Closing Ceremony at Etihad Stadium at the end of camp!
(details available and to be confirmed before summer sessions start) (Subject to availability during COVID-19)

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