FC Barcelona Soccer Schools

The FCBarcelona soccer camp in Barcelona, Spain is a unique 7 or 13 days residential boys camp for players who want to experience an intensive soccer training in Barcelona at the exclusive FC Barcelona professional club’s facilities. Training practices are hosted at FC Barcelona’s official training facilities.

Brilliant!…also learned some never to be forgotten life-skills!

– Julius, England, 14
FC Barcelona II Soccer Camp

Players will have privileged access to the various on-site artificial pitches and train in the very same place as the FC Barcelona first team, B team, youth categories and academy teams. In addition to world-class training, players participate in daily soccer-related workshops and enjoy cultural tours and visits. Boys ages 11 – 17 who have a passion for the game and wish to develop technical skills, have fun, and improve their abilities will find this camp the perfect fit.

Residential Camp soccer sessions only.

FCBarcelona “More than a club”

Founded in 1899, FC Barcelona is the most recognized and legendary team in world soccer and is truly “more than a club.” FC Barcelona has a rich history of success and is one of the most decorated clubs in terms of honors and accolades, worldwide support, and is committed to the highest standards on the field of play as well as being a pioneer in off-the-pitch initiatives. FC Barcelona is important for what it represents to the city of Barcelona and the people of Catalonia who truly treat the club as their national team.

FC Barcelona has an unrivaled reputation for the successful training and production of world-class players. Central to the success of the team is the philosophy of developing home grown players through the FCB youth academy who then go on to represent the first team.

Train the Barça Way

Train as champions train. The FCBarcelona soccer program will help you reach your full potential and achieve your goals. Training is led by official coaches from FCBarcelona Escola (Soccer School) and consists of 2 sessions per day, 5 days per week. Bilingual English – Spanish FCBarcelona Escola coaches will provide to participants a total comprehension of these exclusive training sessions; they will perform the same training methods they apply on their youth teams.

Training practices are hosted at FC Barcelona’s official training facilities, players will have privileged access to the various on-site artificial pitches and train in the very same place as the FC Barcelona first team, B team, youth categories and academy teams. The intense program of complete soccer training prepares young players from all over the world for the high demands of competitive club or high school soccer. Specialized training and individual attention with one coach for every 10 players maximizes the progression of each player during the 2-week program. The FCBEscola camp is the responsibility of the Directorate of the FCBEScola, which provide the coaches, the work program and sets the guidelines to follow in these events. The FCBEscola camp focuses on the training of young players in a learning phase.

FCBarcelona Soccer Camps are the best way to feel like a FCBarcelona player by training under the most successful training methodology!

This training program allows participants not only to discover new techniques but also to improve their mental and physical skills.

FCB Workshops

The training sessions will be completed by soccer workshops conducted by FCB Escola Coaches and other professionals from the club. Participants will be able to learn and understand the basics of FCBarcelona philosophy and methodology in order to understand/read properly the game. Some of the topics you may find are: the history of the club, individual technique training, team tactics, analysis of the game system, and sports psychology among others. The workshops encourage the interaction between participants and speaker in order to get the most out of each session.

Goalkeeper Training

Specific goalkeeper training available. A special program will address the specific technical complexities in the goalie’s role. With the help from tailor made exercises and a carefully-planned method, you will be able to refine your skills and to have an inside-out understanding of this complex and fundamental role. Goalkeepers are integrated into small-sided games and full matches.

Discover the F.C. Barcelona methodology and train like a pro!!

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