AC Milan Junior Camp Location & Details

  • Residential Camp (8- 16) check-in is on Sundays between 2:00pm and 3:30pm and check-out is on Saturdays between 12:30pm and 1:30pm
  • Day Camp (6 – 16) check-in is on Sundays between 2:00pm and 3:30pm, daily check-in will be at 8:45am and check-out will be at 6:30pm. Check-out is on Saturdays between 12:30pm and 1:30pm

Following are the 4 Milan Junior Soccer Camp Locations located within the Venice Region:

  • Cortina d’Ampezzo (MAP, and also click on Contact Us)
  • Jesolo Lido (MAP)
  • Altopiano di Asiago – Gallio (MAP, map at bottom)
  • Lignano Sabbiadoro (MAP)


Cortina d’Ampezzo

  • Cortina d’Ampezzo is surrounded by the majestic Dolomites mountains which add beauty to its unique and world-renowned valley and city centre that attract tourists from all over the world.
  • It is without doubt the most prestigious and fashionable mountain resort in Italy and in the world. The World Heritage Committee (UNESCO) inscribed Italy’s Dolomites mountains on the World Heritage List in 2009.
  • In 2007, the AC Milan Academy of Cortina d’Ampezzo was awarded the “Best MJC of the world” by AC Milan. The AC Milan Academy takes place at the Alaska Hotel, a 4 star hotel (****) which is located in the city centre. A fairytale location and a camp of absolute prestige with first class Staff.
  • Accommodation (4 or 5 per room/small apartment): Alaska Hotel
  • Playing field: Stadio Comunale Antonella De Rigo, Fiames and Zuel city council premises. 2 natural-grass fields. Transfer from the hotel by private buses.

Jesolo Lido

  • Jesolo Lido is one of the most famous beaches along the Adriatic Sea and is only 20 km from Venice and 10 km from the Venice (VCE) Airport. Jesolo Lido is a real paradise for tourists with over 15 km of seafront, shops, playgrounds, hotels, golf clubs, and entertainment on 16 town squares.
  • For those who would like to visit Venice, Jesolo Lido is not connected to the island by public ferry-lines. However, there is a private ferry-line that is based right in Milan’s Square, where the camp hotel is located (CRUISE: MOBY DICK II).
  • Accommodation (4 per room): Marzotto Seaside Village
  • Playing Field: Marzotto Village

Altopiano di Asiago – Gallio

  • The Asiago mountain plateau is one of the most renowned holiday resorts in Italy. It is a two hour car ride from Venice, Verona, and Lake Garda. On the plateau you can do trekking, cross-country skiing and alpine skiing, golf (18 holes), riding, gliding, and mountain bike riding.
  • The AC Milan Academy takes place in the township of Gallio, at a height of 1000 m. above sea level, in a wonderful mountain landscape that is reminiscent of Ireland. The Gaarten (****) is a top level hotel.
  • Accommodation (mainly triple rooms): Hotel Gaarten
  • Playing field: Campo comunale di calcio di Gallio

Lignano Sabbiadoro – Udine

  • Lignano is amongst the most developed resorts with leisure boating facilities in Europe. It is the most important tourist destination in Friuli Venezia Giulia; a whole peninsula that lies between the Adriatic Sea, the Tagliamento River and the Marano Lagoon. The jewel in the crown of Lignano is its beach: 8 km di arenile to experience and enjoy. The colour of the sand is so lovely, warm and genuine that it is part of the town’s name: Sabbiadoro (Golden Sands).
  • The AC Milan Academy will be held in the wonderful “Bella Italia EFA Village” that consists of 13 facilities, with a capacity of 2800 people, 60 hectares of pine trees and 1200 square meters of private beach, a sports hall, swimming pools and standard soccer fields.
  • Accommodation (4 per room): Bella Italia Village
  • Playing field: Bella Italia Sports Center

Camp Details

The children arrive at the camp on Sunday around 14:00pm. The check-in takes place immediately and the campers are assigned an Adidas – AC Milan Academy sport kit, so they can arrive properly fitted out at the field for their first afternoon training: in fact around 4:00pm they leave the hotel to go to the soccer pitch. This training is mainly to introduce them to their coaches and give them their first instructions on the rules of the camp and the behavior expected of them.

On Friday evening, the last evening in camp, there is a party with parents where they can see the dvd realized during the week. Also the staff awards with cups and medals the players and the teams showing exception skills on the individual trail and group tournaments that take place in the afternoons from Monday to Friday.

Saturday morning the campers play friendly matches 11 vs 11 and, before lunch, the staff gives them the AC Milan certificate of attendance at the Milan Junior Camp; the camp ends around 13:30pm after lunch. Finally a special award is given to the campers that have shown behavior at the hotel keeping the rooms tidy and showing respect for everybody: the prize for “the best room” is a soccer ball for each member of the room.

A typical program for the MJC includes two training sessions per day (Wednesday Afternoon break), one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each session is two hours long. The rest of the day is taken up by entertainment and recreational activities (TV room, group play, karaoke, mini-golf, swimming when possible, etc.)

During the weekend (for children staying more than one week) there are no practices, only rest time.

DAY CAMPER (6 – 16 years old): In this case, the camper does not stay overnight in the hotel, which is frequently the case of somebody residing in the town where the MJC Camp is held. The camper arrives at the hotel every morning around 8:45am (except on Sunday). He then leaves for the soccer field with the rest of the group and returns to the hotel after showering after the second training held in the afternoon (18:30pm) or evening (21:30pm) (except on Saturday last day of camp). Dinner is not included so if there is a night training session (or you want your child to participate at evening activities), you will need to pick up your child around 18:30pm and bring him back later for the night training session (or activities if you want him to participate). All details will be mentioned in the camp information email you will receive a few weeks before camp starts.

Your Typical Monday – Friday Schedule (Subject to Change):

  • 08:00: Wake up
  • 08:30: Breakfast
  • 09:30: Field (technical training)
  • 11:30: Shower and return to the hotel
  • 12:30: Lunch
  • 13:30: Free time for games, play, relaxation
  • 15:30: Field (training and games) or beach*
  • 18:00: Shower and return to the hotel
  • 19:30: Dinner
  • 20:30: Evening entertainment (or at the field*)
  • 22:30: Lights out

Schedules for beach areas such as Jesolo (*) may provide for evening training due to the hot weather during the summer. On those afternoons, the group may go to the beach.

Training on the soccer field is agreed upon between the Responsible Manager and the AC Milan supervisors present, based on the guidelines set down by the supervisor.

Campers are divided into groups based mainly on age, physical growth, and finally technical ability which is decided the first day upon their arrival at the camp (Sunday afternoon).

There will be a special goalkeeper session during each camp:

During the AC Milan camps the goalkeepers receive a different AC Milan Academy – Adidas Sport kit and follow a specific training program that is based on the role of the goalkeeper in the team.  During the morning sessions, the goalkeepers are separated from the rest of the group and dedicated coaches train them separately. In the afternoons, however, during the internal team tournament and the individual training, they rejoin their peers. In soccer the role as goalkeeper is surely one of the most demanding.

Today the goalkeeper is required to have special skills and knowledge in addition to those typical of his role, which is to protect his goal and to be a reference point for the game tactics of his teams (in particular the defense), showing the importance of the ability to direct the defense.

When planning the goalkeeper training MJC always think of how he behaves in the field and MJC coaches work on what will make him improve his performance, and notably:

  • technical-tactical training,
  • concentration,
  • immediate strength,
  • speed and rapidity,
  • reactivity and reflexes,
  • acrobatic training – balance – deftness – agility.

The other physical qualities are indirectly trained when repeating the technical workouts.

Main age groups are:

  • 6- 8 years old
  • 9 to 11 years old
  • 12 to 16 years old

Following is a brief description of the type of training done by each group:

  • 6 – 8 years old: Mainly working with the ball (guiding the ball, dribbling, shots on goal)
  • 9 – 11 years old: Working with the ball and technical-tactical work (working 3 against 2 or 2 against 1, zone or man defense, movements without the ball)
  • 12 – 16 years old: Mainly all aspects of technical-tactical work

The morning is usually devoted to technical stations; afternoons are used for squad or individual tournaments (drives, shoot outs, penalty kicks, etc.). As a general rule, physical work is suspended on Wednesday afternoons to give campers time to recuperate from their hard work. “Recuperation” often occurs in a pool, whenever the town or hotel offers adequate installations.

Ratio coaches / children: 1 / 12