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This page provides you with information on how to register online, payment information, how do you find links to each soccer camp’s terms and conditions and other important information, as available. After you have read the information, click the blue REGISTER ONLINE NOW button below to access Soccer Camps International Secure Online Registrationthe fastest way to submit your child’s registration form to reserve your child’s space!

Payment Information

  • 40% deposit due at time of registration (full payment due for Spring sessions)
  • Balance owed for your camp fees after the Initial Deposit will be automatically debited with your credit card on file on Monday April 30, 2018.
Cancellation Protection, if selected at time of registration, will be added to the full payment.   We accept these Four Major Credit Cards:  credit-cards (Secure Encrypted Server (SSL) and compliant with security standards for the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard) No additional credit card processing fees or registration fees are required  when you register online!

Registration Information

The below links will provide you with the terms and conditions for the specific soccer camp you select. You must read and agree to the terms and conditions for such soccer camp as part of the registration process (it will be indicated on the last page of your online registration). NOTE: By registering for a camp, you are granting Soccer Camps International permission to keep and forward the provided personal information to the selected camp.

Below are the Camps Terms and Conditions (which include Cancellation Terms), make sure you read them carefully then click the blue REGISTER ONLINE NOW button above to access Soccer Camps International Secure Online Registration – the fastest way to submit your child’s registration form to reserve your child’s space!

NOTE: Camp terms below are PDF Files which take a few moments to download. (You need Acrobat Reader to view and print all forms), click on your Camp Name Link below for your Camp Terms and Conditions

ONLY highlighted PDF links in GREEN below are available for online registration

England Soccer Camps:

Spain Soccer Camps:

Italy Soccer Camps:

France Soccer Camps:

Portugal Soccer Camps:

NOTE: Due to space availability and other factors, there is NO guarantee that any requested change will be approved once registration has been processed. However, in the event that the soccer camp does approve the request, there may be an associated fee plus a $50.00 processing fee which fees are due immediately. [Soccer Camps International will waive the $50.00 processing fee when you add an additional week in the same soccer camp in the same year.]

NOTE: Once you have submitted the completed registration forms, requests for any change or modification must be made in writing via email to Soccer Camps International at email

Cancellation Protection Plan Option Information

Soccer Camps International is providing additional peace of mind during these uncertain economic times for our valued families by offering Cancellation Protection. Due at the time of initial registration, the Cancellation Protection Option entitles you to a full or partial refund of the soccer camp registration fees paid minus the non-refundable cost of Cancellation Protection when Soccer Camps International receives your email notice to cancel your registration as follows:

  • Full refund when registration cancellation email is received more than 30 days prior to the start of camp.
  • 50% refund when registration cancellation email is received between 30 days and 15 days prior to the start of camp.

(Note, no refund if less than 15 days’ notice prior to the start of camp.)

If you need to cancel your reservation, contact Soccer Camps International as soon as possible via email. The charge for the Cancellation Protection is 10% of the total fees paid to Soccer Camps International at time of initial registration. If you do not have Cancellation Protection and must cancel, consult the terms and conditions of the applicable soccer camp.

Additional Important Information

Soccer Camps International Email Correspondence: Emails from Soccer Camps International will be sent to you at the email address for correspondence you provide to Soccer Camps International Online when you registered. If you change your email address, promptly inform Soccer Camps International.

Camp Airport transfers can only be requested up to a maximum of four weeks before camp starts (unless registration has been done less than four weeks before camp starts, in this case flights details will need to be provided as soon as possible but no less than two weeks before camp starts), airport transfers will not be available (for most of the camps) if you request them less than four weeks before starts.

Check local requirements for children travelling without their parents or legal guardian – each country has specific requirements and may require written consent and/or identity documents.   Please note that Border Controls does not allow children to wait alone without supervision at the airports.

Airport Transfer fees can always be added later on after your initial registration once you have your final flight details (important for some camps which do not refund airport transfer fees).

The first email confirmation of your camp (which includes your fees paid for) will be sent to you promptly upon receipt of your completed registration forms processed Online. Then, as applicable, informational emails which contain soccer camp specific information will be sent including:

  • For all summer soccer camps: An email will be sent in early June before your camp starts (one month on average) which will provide you with additional useful, camps’ emergency contact telephone numbers and helpful information specific to your selected soccer camp.
  • For Real Madrid and Benfica camps: An email will be sent requesting a camp form to be completed (for Benfica a parent passport copy will be also required).
  • For Chelsea, Manchester City Football language and Performance, Liverpool Residential, Barcelona Women Soccer Camp, Atletico Madrid Foundation Soccer Camp and Spain Federation National Team International Soccer Camp: An email will be sent requesting a digital portrait photo of the camp participant.
  • FC Barcelona, Cap Girondins Bordeaux, Paris Saint Germain and Juventus Turin: An email will be sent requesting additional forms to be completed and uploaded in your active.com account once created during registration.  (for FC Barcelona, you will need to fill out additional data online after you receive an additional login email; for Juventus, you will receive an additional registration email to confirm additional medical information)
  • For all soccer camps located in France and Italy: An email reminder will be sent regarding the required ‘MEDICAL CERTIFICATE’ which must be completed by your health care provider and returned to the soccer camp on the first day of camp.

We may require additional information depending on the medical information supplied to us by you before we can accept your booking. During the camp, each participant is responsible of his own personal clothes and equipment. All camps decline all responsibilities in case of loss, theft or broken items. Do not bring valuables like jewelry, tablets, electronic games, cameras, computer laptops, expensive headsets, favorite team’s jersey (etc.)   Camp FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) can be found for each camp on our website under the tab: Airport Transfers & Questions / FAQ’s of your chosen camp. This will address many questions you can have about your camp, check them out!

Travel Arrangements & Travel Documents

The camper will need to arrive on the day the camp session starts and leave on the last day of the camp session as mentioned on our website under the date page of the camp booked. DO NOT BOOK OR PAY FOR YOUR TRAVEL UNTIL YOU HAVE REGISTERED ONLINE AND RECEIVED YOUR EMAIL REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION FROM SOCCER CAMPS INTERNATIONAL. Though you may check flight availability and, if possible, do a ‘pre-reservation’. Airfare and other travel fees are not included in the price of the soccer camp. However, with advance notice and payment of applicable fees, airport transfers – ‘pick up and drop off’ – may be available. If you request such option, send an email to Soccer Camps International and provide details of your flight arrangements as soon as possible and re-read the flight arrival and departure ‘airport transfer’ section for your selected soccer camp above.

We recommend that you obtain travel and medical insurance from an insurance broker of your choice; you can also check our Insurance Section.

Ensure that the camp participant’s travel documents are valid, including the passport. Based on the nationality of the participant, a visa may be necessary to enter into the selected soccer camp’s country. Children who require a visa need to apply for a ‘Visitor’ visa as soon as registered as the visa application process takes time. It is your responsibility to contact the appropriate consulate office for entry requirements and visa requirements. Most of the camps will not refund camp fees based on visa refusal!

If you have any questions at any time, contact us by telephone or email. We are happy to help you.