“I appreciated meeting people from other countries and having fun with them.”

Raphael, Guadeloupe, 12Arsenal Football Development Summer Schools

“My son loved his English classes, he found them much more motivating than all the English classes he has had in France for the past two years. I think the staff is very good at boosting young people’s self confidence when it comes to speaking a foreign language.”

Maxime, France, 13Arsenal Football Development Summer Schools

“Thank you all again for your great care and support of Lewis back in August. I am sure he would like to return to Seaford again next year, to improve his English and soccer skills.”

Lewis, Japan, 10Arsenal Football Development Summer Schools

“Excellent facilities and experience for my son!”

Alexander, Bulgaria, 14Arsenal Football Development Summer Schools

“Thank you for a spectacular experience!”

Alexander, USA, 16Arsenal Football Development Summer Schools

“Everything they provide is excellent, and most of all, I like the teammates I met here; everybody comes from everywhere.”

Shih-Yu, TaiwanManchester City Football Language School

“The camp was very well organized. I liked to work in small groups.”

Stefan, Austria, 12Manchester City Football Language School

“My son had a wonderful time.”

Mike, Netherlands, 12Manchester City Football Language School

“He really enjoyed the experience.”

Ricardo, Mexico, 10Manchester City Football Language School

“Jayden loved the camp. He learned a lot and his coach was excellent. The physiological testing day was his favorite but overall, he enjoyed the daily trainings as well. Good that it is small groups – allows for a lot of individual attention.”

Jayden, USA, 12Manchester City Football Performance Program

“Ty had an amazing time and really enjoyed the coaching. A very inspirational experience for him and the encouragement he got to continue has really made a big difference. He would come back in a heartbeat. Thank YOU!”

Tyler, USA, 13Manchester City Football Performance Program

“What a experience of a lifetime. The coaches have touched my heart so much.  I learned so much at camp this year.  Thank you for an amazing experience!!! See you next year.”

Brandon, USA, 12Manchester City Football Performance Program

“Trey thoroughly enjoyed the experience…We were very impressed by how well it was organized. Staff were warm and welcoming.”

Trey, England, 15Manchester City Football Performance Program

“This was the best soccer camp experience my daughter has ever had! Thank you!”

Victoria, USA, 14Manchester City Football Performance Program

“There were many differences compared to the trainings in Japan. I had a lot of fun when I was training. Thanks to the coaches and staff, I realized the pleasure of football once again. Thank You!”

Alper, Japan, 15Liverpool FC Football Camps UK

“It was brilliant! The training was great and I learnt a lot. The staff’s positivity and supportive attitudes helped me play with confidence. I would love to go back.”

Alena, England, 16Liverpool FC Football Camps UK

“Overall my satisfaction is high. I cannot thank enough for all the excellent assistance with information and guidance before and during the camping experience. Staff is very professional and highly skilled in organizing the event. My son lived an amazing experience, not just with soccer but also got to know the best of Barcelona.”

David Sebastian, USA, 16Barça Academy Clinic

“We were going to write to thank everyone, especially all at AC Milano for the fantastic time and wonderful gifts. Louis had the best week of his life, met great friends and loved the coaching. He cried for 2 days after he came home because he missed it so much. He can’t wait to go back.”

Louis, England, 9Milan Junior Camp

“My children enjoyed their week at the camp and asked if they could go for two weeks next summer.”

Marek and Mercer, USA, 15 and 10Milan Junior Camp

“My husband and I would like to thank you for everything. My kids soccer camp at Cortina was incredible. Everyone at the hotel was very polite, the hotel was great, the milan staff was great, Otello was very nice, and everything was very well organized. My kids want to return next year.”

Antonio and Fernando, Mexico, 10 and 12Milan Junior Camp

“Everything was great!!! My son looks forward to attending next summer.”

Harry, USA, 13Milan Junior Camp

“The kids had a great experience. The level of soccer for their age groups was excellent and they had a great time with all the other activities.”

Leonardo and Dante, USA, 7 and 10Milan Junior Camp

“Stone had such an amazing experience at camp this summer!  We are definitely bringing him back for another year. I must admit, I was a little reluctant coming overseas for our son’s first overnight camp experience but I am so glad we did!!! The staff and counselors were great. Thank you to all of your staff and counselors as this was one of his best experiences ever!!!”

Stone, USA, 10Milan Junior Camp

“Andy had a great time. We were worried he would not fit in or be able to communicate with the other kids. He made a lot of friends from all over the world that he still keeps in touch with. The camp counselors did an excellent job of making all the kids feel included.”

Andy, USA, 11Milan Junior Camp

“Excellent set up and facilities. Cameron had a great time and made good friends.”

Cameron, England, 13Milan Junior Camp

“Liked very much and will return.”

Michael and Christopher, USA, 11 and 15Milan Junior Camp

“Very well organized camp with nice consistency of player skill.”

Mason and Parker, USA, 11 and 12Juventus Summer Camps

“Thank you so much for such an INCREDIBLE camp.  My son had the experience of a lifetime at the Juventus camp.  It was so well run, the staff was so friendly, knowledgeable and well organized that from the first moment that we arrived I knew we had made the right decision.”

Harrison, USA ,14Juventus Summer Camps

“I just want to thank you for everything basically. This was my first camp experience and what an experience it was! I absolutely had the time of my life.”

Mohanned, Jordan, 13Juventus Summer Camps

“My son had a great experience with both the coaches and the other players. It was his first year and he couldn’t stop talking about it!”

Bryan, USA, 8Juventus Summer Camps

“Excellent experience. Very helpful staff. Very professional camp.”

Ryan, Canada, 12Juventus Summer Camps

“Excellent staff, facilities and overall instruction. This camp does a fantastic job with kids from all over the world. Top notch training center, training kits and excellent extracurricular activities for the campers.”

Jackson, USA, 11Juventus Summer Camps

“Congratulations to the Juve team at Vinovo for an absolutely memorable stay during the recent summer camp. I would like to thank the team for taking such wonderful care of my boy, who can’t wait to come back next year.”

Max, Australia, 10Juventus Summer Camps

“Thank you for excellent organization and communication! Aleksi is safely back home and he is very happy and full of stories. He loved the camp! All the people were very friendly and coaches were very supportive and professional. Aleksi got a lot of energy and positive spirit and new skills – he is ready for the new season.”

Aleksi, Hungary, 15Paris Saint Germain Academy Camp

“Thanks so much….last year this time I was joining PSG…having the time of my life and dreams!!”

Ruan, South Africa, 17Paris Saint Germain Academy Camp

“Thank you all for a great PSG camp. Wilhelm had a terrific time!”

Wilhelm, China, 12Paris Saint Germain Academy Camp

“Miguel enjoyed the camp very much! He loved the accommodations, the food, the ambience, the entertainment staff, the coaches, and on top of that he had fun and met lots of new people from other countries.”

Miguel, Spain, 15Paris Saint Germain Academy Camp

“Our boys had a great time at the camp and I think it was a great life experience for them. It was very well organized and the staff was very friendly.”

Luke and Gavin, USA, 8 and 8Paris Saint Germain Academy Camp

“It was the greatest time for my son to join the PSG Academy Camp.”

Jonathan, Indonesia, 15Paris Saint Germain Academy Camp

“Noah had a great time at the camp.”

Noah, Canada, 13Paris Saint Germain Academy Camp

“It was a fantastic experience.”

Dane and Jayce, Canada, 12 and 14Paris Saint Germain Academy Camp

“He very much enjoyed meeting French-speaking boys from France, Africa, Spain, Switzerland, and Belgium.”

Caleb, USA, 15Paris Saint Germain Academy Camp

“I wanted to thank you for all the arrangements for the Benfica camp including the airport transfer. Everything went smoothly.”

Adam, USA, 13Benfica Elite Training Camps

“Thanks a lot for the best organization!”

Roma, Russia, 14Benfica Elite Training Camps

“Thank you to the Benfica staff and coaches for making Bryan a better player while having fun and being professional. See you in 2019! Thanks to Soccer Camps International for the responsive action too!”

Bryan, USA, 13Benfica Elite Training Camps

“My son had a great experience.”

Peter, USA, 15Benfica Elite Training Camps

“It was a fantastic experience, the coaches were excellent and supportive. Learnt a great deal.”

Benjamin, Australia, 17Benfica Elite Training Camps