Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Soccer Camps International?

A: Soccer Camps International serves as a consultant and intermediary agency between you and various independently owned and operated soccer camps located in Europe with 25 years of experience.

Q: Why Soccer Camps International?

A: Soccer Camps International visits many Sports Camps to meet the staff and operators of the Soccer Camps, inspect the accommodations, review the sports programs, and gain knowledge of the various offerings. Soccer Camps International consulting services are to assist you in determining which soccer Camp has the program offerings you are interested in and to assist you with the soccer Camp registration. Because of the high volume of bookings made at the camps every year, we have the best relationship with all soccer camp managers and administrators. Soccer Camps International has no authority or control over the operation and/or rules of each camp.

Q: Does the child need a ‘Child Tourist/Visitor Visa’ to attend a soccer camp?

A: IMPORTANT:  Please note, you are solely responsible for obtaining all needed travel documents including but not limited to a valid passport and any appropriate tourist travel visas for the person attending the soccer camp, the Participant.  You must contact the appropriate consulate office for entry requirements and visa requirements for the country where the selected camp is located.  Once you have registered your child with us, and have paid for the camp in full, upon your written request, we will be pleased to provide a letter confirming enrolment for the specific Participant. This letter may be required by certain consulates for the ‘Child Tourist/Visitor Visa’.  (NOTE: We can only issue the letter for the Participant not for any other person.)  Please be advised that consulate’s visa application processes can take many months.  The more you wait, the more chances you have to be denied the required ‘Child Tourist/Visitor Visa’ for your child and certain camps will not issue a refund.  Please check the terms for the camp.

Q: When do I need to arrive at my camp session?

A: You will need to arrive on the day your camp session starts to check-in with an adult (unless you have a camp airport transfer scheduled) (check dates for each camps on the Dates option tab of your camp) (see flight arrival and departure restrictions under airport transfer for each camp on our website) and leave on the last day of your camp session to check out with an adult (unless you have a camp airport transfer scheduled). (you cannot arrive a day earlier or depart a day after).

Q: What payment options do I have?

A: Soccer Camps International accepts bank wire funds (contact us for details) and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). All payments must be made to Soccer Camps International. All balances are required to be paid in full prior to arrival at the camp. No additional credit card processing fees or registration fees will be required  when you register online.

Q: Is airfare included in the price of the camp?

A: No, each camp includes the land portion only.

Q: What to expect as far as camp culture based on the country of the camp?

A: Each camp provide a sports experience as well as a cultural experience, for such, participants will experience something different from home as they will be in a foreign country with a different way of living. For most of the camps, participants will experience the local cuisine, special times for meals (early meals in northern Europe, late meals in southern Europe) as per the culture of the country, showers after training sessions, typical entertainment at the camp as per the country summer camp culture, early or late bedtime base on country living habits and more. If you feel that your child will have difficulties to adapt to a new way of living we recommend that you wait until he is age ready to do so.

Q: Behavior Required at the Camp – Code of Conduct?

Each Camp has a ‘Code of Conduct’ which provides the required behavior while the student is participating in the specific Camp. For example, each Camp requires that each student show respect to all staff and other students. Students need their parent’s or guardian’s prior written permission to leave the Camp with non-staff.  Additional rules may include the following,

  • No mobile phones may be used during training and Camp activities
  • Prior permission must be granted to go into another student’s room and for those co-ed camps, boys and girls are NOT permitted in each other’s rooms.
  • There is no smoking, no alcohol and no drugs. Only medication prescribed by a doctor may be brought to Camp and such must handed to staff on arrival with instructions for usage
  • No pocket knives or weapons are permitted at the Camp
  • No fighting or swearing; no stealing; no bullying, either verbal, physical or social

If a student breaks the rules of the “Code of Conduct”, the student will be sent home and all costs incurred will be met entirely and paid for immediately by the parent/guardian. To be very clear, there shall be no refund of any Camp fees if your child is sent home due to Code of Conduct violations.

Q: How are the students grouped during training?

A: The students are grouped according to age first then ability (if enough participants in age group to create multiple different group level). When the students first arrive at camp, they are placed into a group consisting of other students of the same age within the program. From there the staff evaluates the ability level of each individual over the first 2 training sessions and adjusts the groups according to ability. Certain camps keep their group size small to allow for more individual coaching attention for each individual player.

Q: What do I do if I have a complaint during the camp and need to have something changed or corrected by the camp staff?

A: Soccer Camps International recommends to contact the camp directly, the camp contact details are provided to you a couple of weeks before the camp season starts. If you ask for answers after the camp is over it will not help to correct the issue and to have actions done during the camp the earliest the camp staff knows about it the best if it is for your child.

Q: What do I do with my money and important documents (e.g. passport, plane tickets, etc.)?

A: Soccer Camps International recommends that all students leave all valuables and sentimental items at home. Items may be brought to the camps with the understanding that the camps are not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage of any student’s property. All money and valuables are recommended to be deposited into the student bank upon check-in (check with the camp staff on the first day if available). All airplane tickets, passports, and other important documents are also recommended to be turned in at check-in.

Q: Who is responsible for my clothes and equipment?

During the camp, each participant is responsible of his own personal clothes and equipment. All camps decline all responsibilities in case of loss, theft or broken items. Do not bring valuables like jewelry, tablets, electronic games, cameras, computer laptops, expensive headsets, favorite team’s jersey (etc.)

Q: What should players bring?

A: The items listed below are just suggestions and are based on a one-week stay at any of the camps. Students staying multiple weeks will need to adjust this list to accommodate their stay. PLEASE MARK ALL CLOTHING WITH THE STUDENT’S NAME. Camps are not responsible for any lost or stolen articles or clothing. We recommend not bringing any expensive or unnecessary items to camp. A list of suggested items for the camps will be provided to you a couple of weeks before camp season starts.

Q: What are some suggested items to bring?

A: Suggested list of items:

  • water bottle
  • sunscreen / body lotion
  • 3-4 pairs of training shorts
  • running shoes
  • personal toiletries
  • Cell Phone charger adaptor
  • 4-5 pairs of socks
  • swimsuit
  • 4-5 training shirts
  • beach towel / bath towel
  • lightweight jacket
  • hat or visor
  • a sports bag
  • a pair of “used” soccer shoes (molded cleats only)
  • shin guards
  • a pair of sandals
  • a lock
  • Wet weather clothing!!

Q: Do you provide transportation to and from the area airports?

A: All the camps (except Juventus and AC Milan) can make arrangements to pick you up at the nearest major airport. Please request this service when you make your registration. Details are available for each camp on our website.

Q: Can I leave the camp campus?

A: At no time are campers allowed to leave the campus premises either by walking or vehicle. Students who wish to leave campus must be properly authorized, signed in and out, and have written permission.

Q: What is the ratio of staff to campers?

A: It varies from camp to camp but on average approximately 1:10-15.

Q: If I haven’t processed my final payment, or sent my medical form and/or my player profile, can I bring it to camp with me?

A: You may bring your medical form to the camp with you (France and Italy only). On the other hand, all payments must be made in full prior to check-in on the opening day of camp and registration forms need to be submitted at the same time. Campers will not be permitted to check-in if payment has not already been made in full.

Q: What happens if I have to cancel at the last minute?

A: Please see Soccer Camps International’s and specific camp’s Refund and Cancellation Policy on our Registration web page.

Q: Is there a registration deadline? Do camps sell-out? Is there a waiting list?

A: There is no deadline for submitting an application to a camp. However, camps are very popular and will sell-out. So when you determine what camp is best for you, it is always a good idea to get your application in as soon as possible. Space is on first-come, first-served basis. On average, by the middle to the end of May most of the camps are close to sold out.

Q: What happens if there is bad weather?

A: Camps will train in rain and inclement weather at the discretion of the Camp Director. Camp Directors will make every effort to reschedule missed sessions.

Q: What if I wear eyeglasses?

A: All campers that wear eyeglasses are required to wear protective sport goggles during every session.

Q: Do the students receive an evaluation?

A: Each student will receive an honest written evaluation from their staff coach (not available on all camps, see Price page of the camp for what is included in your camp fees) with each area covered by the curriculum from the week.

Q: How old do the students need to be?

A: Each camp has a different age requirement, please check your camp information accordingly.

Q: Can students show up late for camp?

A: The beginning of each camp is very important. Campers go through registration, room assignments, meet the staff, and conduct the general camp orientation; all that before they even step on the field for the first session. The first two training sessions also serve as ability evaluations and determine grouping for the rest of the program. However, if a student will not be able to make the beginning of camp, please call both us and the camp ahead of time to let us now that he will be late. There are no refunds or partial refunds for late arrival to any camp.

Q: Do I have to buy a Camp Soccer Ball?

A: Soccer balls are provided by all the camps.

Q: How can students be contacted at camp?

A: Once you have booked your camp, a couple of weeks prior to the start of camp season, you will be given an emergency telephone number for the camp and also the administration number to leave a message for your child.

Q: Can students from outside the US attend camp?

A: Camps are open to everyone.

Q: Can I switch to another camp after I have already applied?

A: Yes, you can but you will have to pay the cancellation penalty of the initial camp. The only way to avoid a penalty is to extend your stay at the camp you are already registered for (if the additional session you request is available).

Q: How long is the camp?

A: Camp length varies, you can start from a 5 day camp or a week long camp. The maximum stay at the camps is 2 weeks as the camps can be physically demanding. Some camps have 2 week minimum sessions only. Each camp has a different start date.

Q: Do Camps have a refund policy?

A: Each camp has a different refund policy. Check the terms and conditions of the camp when you register online.

Q: How do I apply?

A: You need to apply online for all our camps on our Registration page.

Q: Do I get more details about my camp (what to bring, contacts, directions, etc.)?

A: We will email you a Welcome packet with the latest information regarding your camp a couple of weeks before your camp season starts.

Q: What is a typical day at camp like (each camp has a different schedule, this is just an example)?

A: A typical day at camp:

  • 7:45: Wake up – Breakfast
  • 9:00: Field – Specific Work
  • 11:30: Lunch – Rest
  • 15:00: Field – Specific Work
  • 16:30: Snack break
  • 17:00: Tournament
  • 19:00: Dinner
  • 20:30: Activity night
  • 22:00: Bed time

Q: What is covered in the curriculum?

A: The curriculum of the camps has been designed to cover all aspects of the position whether you are a Goalkeeper or a Field Player.

Q: What is the average size of enrollment at a camp?

A: Each camp varies from 50 to 200 children per session.

Q: Do you have any camps outside of the summer months?

A: We only offer summer camps, nothing outside this period.

Q: How are the students supervised when they are not on the fields?

A: All staff stay on campus during the entire time the programs are in session. The staff at most of the camps will be eating in the same cafeteria and will also be sleeping in the same dorms as the participants. If there is a problem, a Staff member is always easily accessible.

Q: How much money should I bring?

A: Students do not have to bring any money. However, things that you might want to use money for are: to buy telephone cards, items in the camp store, weekend excursions entrance fees, pro soccer games (if available during your session), coin operated laundry machines, snacks or souvenirs, or airline baggage fees.

Q: How can I request a roommate?

A: The camp will attempt to honor any roommate request if the camp is able to do so. Both students must request each other and only each other for us to be able to honor that roommate request. We will then transmit the information to the camp so that they can do their best to accommodate your request. Please remind the person at Check-in that you have a roommate request. The camps will do their very best for each request but CANNOT guarantee that they will be able to fulfill every request!

Q: How many students stay in each room?

A: It depends on the camp, it varies from 1 to 8 per room.

Q: How are the boys and girls housed at camp?

A: For camps where boys and girls are admitted, there are separate dorms or floors for the boys and girls at a camp. The boys dorm area is off limits to the girls and vice versa.

Q: Are the rooms air-conditioned?

A: No (for most of the camps), most of the camps in hot region, like Spain, will have air-conditioned rooms.

Q: Do you have special meals based on different diet?

A: Most of the camps have buffet for the meals and multiple options are offered to the kids, for Kosher or Halal food most of the camps will not offer it but will have vegetarian options instead available. During online registration make sure you mention any food allergies or diet requests so the kitchen staff is aware of it.

Q: What are the directions to the camp?

A: After registration, a couple of weeks before camp starts, you will receive an email with all your camp information. You can also find a map and directions to the site on the Location tab of each designated camp.

Q: How long has Soccer Camps International been selling already established sports camps?

A: We started our soccer consulting company in 1999.

Q: Can I get some info in the mail about the camps you offer?

A: We don’t have any brochures and we feel that you will get the most updated information faster on our website or by email.

Q: Do students need a medical form?

A: Every student needs to have a completed medical form signed by a licensed physician to be able to participate at the camp in France, and Italy only. The medical form must have the parent’s signature, insurance information, sometimes immunization history, and physician’s signature to be valid. If a child as a medical condition which requires medical approval, some camps might require a medical certificate to participate at their camp.

Q: Can I bring a medical form with me to camp?

A: You always want to bring the medical form with you to the camp (required in France, and Italy). For the camps in France, and Italy, if you show up at camp without a fully-completed medical form, the student will not be able to participate in any camp activities until the medical form is supplied.

Q: What if a student does not have medical insurance?

A: Some camps include medical insurance in their camp fees (check specific camp price page) but if you feel you need more coverage then student must have some form of medical insurance if they are going to participate at a camp. The main reason is that if that student needs emergency medical attention, most hospitals will require a medical insurance or a payment on site will need to be provided. We strongly recommend for a student not to participate at a camp without valid medical insurance to insure the student’s safety. If the student does not have any insurance, you can purchase as little as a one week coverage plan from your local insurer or you can look for an insurance broker of your choice. You can even check our website for information about travel, medical and cancellation insurances: (Soccer Camps International Camps Insurance).

Q: What happens if a student is seriously injured?

A: For every emergency including serious injury, the camp will bring the participant to the local hospital near each camp site. Students are transported to a designated local hospital. A camp Staff member will accompany the student to the hospital and will contact the Parents immediately.