Atletico de Madrid Foundation Technification Soccer Camp

The Atletico de Madrid Foundation Technification Soccer Camp introduces the participants to an amazing and exciting world where they can have a full Soccer Only Program or combine fun Spanish or English classes with their favorite sports activity – soccer! The Atletico de Madrid Foundation, in its quest to provide the best professional training for children, has created a soccer programme where they not only practice football under the guidance of the best coaches but they also have a fun and fantastic holiday. This programme is unique in providing in-depth training covering technical skills, tactical appreciation, psychology and physical training techniques.

The Atletico de Madrid Technification Residential Soccer Camp is aimed at children aged 9 to 17 years old, who are registered (licensed) players in their hometown soccer clubs

Atlético de Madrid is a mythical Spanish Soccer Club with over 100 years of history and in Europe it is Spain’s third most successful club. Famous players have played (Sergio Agüero, Diego Costa, Radamel Falcao) or are still playing (Fernando Torres, Antoine Griezmann) at this great Spanish Soccer Club.

Live, Train and Play as the Atletico does!

Atletico de Madrid is an institution with a long tradition in the development of young footballers. The foundation believes not only in the sporting development of players, but also in their personal growth, and therefore seeks to promote values such as solidarity, comradeship and equality through sports practice, as well as the improvement of social and communication skills.

Work hard to achieve your goal!

The Atletico de Madrid Foundation Soccer Camp will help you to get the most out of your sports skill while you learn and have fun. Hand in hand with the technical team you will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to keep improving day by day. The programme is tailored to different age groups and includes educational play activities in dynamic environments. The goal is for children to have an unforgettable experience, during which they learn values such as solidarity, friendship and equality.

Sports Management and Coaching Staff

The Atletico de Madrid Foundation technical team will bring out the best of each player, helping to achieve the optimal level of performance according to their age group and providing a safe and secure environment to play football while making friends and having fun. Coaches will work on individual skills and group work strategies, as well as technical and more specific tactical soccer game systems to help with player progression. Goalkeepers will also have specific training in their area. The camp team will pass on their professional experience and demonstrate the values upheld by Atletico de Madrid such as effort, teamwork and solidarity.

Language Classes Option:

Learning a foreign language is never as easy later on as it is during childhood. Children naturally immerse themselves in a new language. See details in the Camp Details page

The language programme (Optional) is specifically designed for children with an interest in soccer and includes a range of role-plays, pairwork and activities. Created exclusively by Choices International (part of Berlitz Language group) for the Spanish and English Classes, the programme develops English or Spanish skills within a soccer context. Students receive 5 hours of English or Spanish lessons per week from Monday to Friday, taught by qualified teachers in classes of a maximum size of 15 students. Students are tested on arrival, and placed in classes with other students of approximately the same level.