Benfica Elite Training Camps Location & Details


During your participation in Benfica Elite Training Camps, the practice sessions will take place at the Benfica Campus and the accommodation will be at the Hotel Vila Galé Opera for the boys and the Hotel Masa 5 Outubro for the girls, both in downtown Lisbon. Travels by bus between the hotel and training center are provided by Sport Lisboa e Benfica.


Providing all the conditions for an elite club, the Benfica Campus will be at your disposal, having:

  • 9 Soccer fields
  • 16 Dressing rooms
  • 2 Auditoriums
  • 2 Gymnasiums
  • 1 Conference room
  • 1 Dining room
  • 1 Meeting room (with internet and games)
  • Technical and medical offices

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Benfica Campus is the training center of SL Benfica’s two professional soccer teams, as well as six Youth Teams, comprising 120 athletes, 42 of them playing at international level, and 21 coaches.

Hotel Vila Galé Opera (Boys 3 sessions) 

The Hotel Vila Galé Opera (MAP) is located right in front of the Tagus River, you will find the hotel Vila Galé Ópera, located near the Lisbon Congress Center and the leisure area of Docas. In just a few minutes, you will reach the monumental area of Belém and the historic center of the Portuguese capital.

Designed by the renowned Portuguese architect Manuel Salgado, and renovated in 2014, the decoration of this themed hotel set in Lisbon was inspired by the opera and classical music. Featuring a modern decor, many of its rooms offer an unparalleled view of the Tagus River, an icon of the city.

Rooms for boys will be triple with en-suite bathroom and Wi-Fi.


Masa Hotel 5 de Outubro (Girls 1 session) 

The Masa Hotel 5 de Outubro (MAP) is an exclusive hotel located in Lisbon, “the city of light”. With an unbeatable location, just 15 minutes from the city center, Masa Hotel 5 de Outubro offers a stay full of comfort and tranquility.

Rooms for girls will be triple with en-suite bathroom and Wi-Fi.

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 TYPICAL WEEKLY SCHEDULE (Subject to change): 


Accredited by the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) and UEFA, the SL Benfica coaches are decisive elements in the development of the Club’s young athletes. It will be them following your evolution in practice during Elite Training Camps.

Goalkeeper training is also available during the camp for both boys and girls.

Coaching sessions will be done in Portuguese and English.

Technical director in charge will be Pedro Marques.

Pedro Marques

  • UEFA A License
  • Technical Director of Sport Lisboa e Benfica’s Youth Academy
  • Degree in Physical Education and Sport Sciences, in the faculty of human motricity
  • Post-graduate in High Performance Training, in the faculty of human motricity