Paris Saint Germain Academy Camp 2024 Dates Coming Soon

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Paris Saint Germain Academy Camp Summer Sessions

  • Weekly Sessions (Residential Camp or Day Camp): Boys/Girls from 9 – 17 years old
  • International Sessions (Residential Camp only): Boys/Girls from 13 – 17 years old
  • Low number of girl participants during sessions and girls are not present at all sessions!
  • NO WEEKEND STAY between sessions (possibility to combine international session + 1 regular session for 2 week stay)
  • Camp maximum stay is Two (2) weeks (Due to the physically demanding nature of the training sessions)
  • Residential Camp self check-in is on Sundays between 14:00pm (2:00pm) to 16:00pm (4:00pm)
  • Residential Camp self check-out is on Fridays around 17:15pm (5:15pm) after the Trophy presentation
  • International 9 days Residential Camp self check-in is on Saturdays between 14:00pm (2:00pm) to 16:00pm (4:00pm)
  • International 9 days Residential Camp self check-out is on Sunday morning before 12:00pm
  • Day Camp is from Monday through Friday (daily lunch included), check-in is at 9:30am and check-out is at 16:00pm (4:00pm) or 17:30pm (5:30pm) if extra Forward or Goalkeeper training session booked. (Day Camp first check-in will be on Sunday afternoon with the opening ceremony, except for the Coming Soon session only when check-in will be on Monday morning).
Camp date availability
Camp date availability
International 9 days / 8 nights Sessions
(possibility to combine international session + regular sessions for 2 weeks stay (in this order only))
Session 1: Saturday – Sunday
Session 2: Saturday – Sunday
Session 3: Saturday – Sunday
Residential Regular Weekly SessionsAvailability
Session 1: Sunday – Friday
Session 2: Sunday – Friday
Session 3: Sunday – Friday
Session 4: Sunday – Friday
Session 5: Sunday – Friday
Session 6: Sunday – Friday
Session 7: Sunday – Friday
Day Camp Regular Weekly Sessions
(Sunday afternoon will be the first check-in day only, no soccer practice, except Monday Coming Soon session)
Day Session Monday Coming Soon: MONDAY – Friday
Day Session 1: Sunday – Friday
Day Session 2: Sunday – Friday
Day Session 3: Sunday – Friday
Day Session 4: Sunday – Friday
Day Session 5: Sunday – Friday
Day Session 6: Sunday – Friday
Day Session 7: Sunday – Friday