AC Milan Junior Camp Airport Transfer Information & Camp Frequently Asked Questions

MJC provides a negotiated transfer service with a private transportation company from Venice International (VCE) Airport to the camps. All transfers must be pre-arranged. After collecting their luggage, students proceed through customs. Students are then met by a representative of the transportation company in the public arrival area who will be displaying a prominent sign with the student’s name on it. The transportation company has an agreement with Sporteventi (the local organizer) to provide transportation to and from Marco Polo Venice Airport.

Participants must arrive on the first date of the camp and leave on the last date of the camp as mentioned on your registration.

Please Contact Us for UM Service (Additional Fee). Unaccompanied Minor (UM, check Airlines Services for UM) is a service offered by many airlines meaning that your child is escorted by airline staff during his trip, through the airport and passport control/customs and the camp driver is required to sign for receipt of your child. Most airlines will also charge a fee for this service. All children-teenagers under the age of 15 years, if they come to the camp alone, in order to book the taxi-transfer service, will have also to book the procedure “unaccompanied minor” for the return flight. The cost of transportation from the site of the AC Milan Camp to the departure-airport in this case undergoes an additional fee of US $ 130 because the taxi-driver will be responsible for carrying out the procedure “unaccompanied minor,” accompanying the child / teenager during check-in and up boarding “in the hands” of the airline staff (about 3 hours).

“Unaccompanied Minor” participants must be fully COVID vaccinated.

Check local requirements for children traveling without their parents or legal guardian – each country has specific requirements and may require written consent and/or identity documents.

Approximate Journey Time:
From Venice
Jesolo Lido35 Minutes
Cortina d’Ampezzo2 Hours 15 Minutes
Gallio2 Hours
Lignano Sabbiadoro1 Hour 30 Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions:



Q: What age group can attend Milan Junior Camps?

A: Milan Junior Camps is open to boys from 8 – 16 years old (Residential) and 6 – 16 years old (Day Camp). Please note that campers must be within the relevant age restrictions to register for the camp and that campers whose age is outside of the above age limits cannot register for the camp. Camp participants need to be the relevant age throughout the duration of the course in order to register.

Q: My son is just outside the relevant age for a particular course. What can I do?

A: Unfortunately your child has to be of the relevant age throughout the duration of the course.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to camp?

A: You can find a list of what we recommend children bring with them HERE (PDF)

Q: What are the check-in and check-out times at camp?


  • Residential Camp check-in is on Sundays between 2:00pm and 3:30pm and check-out is on Saturdays between 12:30pm and 1:30pm
  • Day Camp check-in is on Sundays between 2:00pm and 3:30pm, daily check-in will be at 8:45am and check-out will be at 6:30pm. Check-out is on Saturdays between 12:30pm and 1:30pm

Q: How can I get a trial with the Academy?

A: A.C. Milan has a scouting network to identify talented youngsters. Players need to make an impression for their local club/team. You cannot apply for a trial through Milan Junior Camps.

Q: What are the chances of meeting a player?

A: A.C. Milan first team players will not be attending the Milan Junior Camps.

Q: My child is attending on his own; will he be ok?

A: Yes, the majority of players attend without friends and family. Individuals will be placed in groups with players near the same age who are also on their own. The first session of every course is designed to help all individual players integrate to form a team and also make new friends.

Q: What to expect as far as camp culture based on the country of the camp?

A: Each camp provides a sports experience as well as a cultural experience. Many of the participants will experience something different from home as they will be in a foreign country with a different way of living. For most of the camps, participants will experience the local cuisine, special times for meals (early meals in northern Europe, late meals in southern Europe) as per the culture of the country, showers after training sessions, typical entertainment at the camp as per the country’s summer camp culture, early or late bedtimes based on the country’s living habits and more. If you feel that your child will have difficulties to adapt to a new way of living, then we recommend that you wait until your child is of an age where they will be ready to do so.

Q: Where are the residential camps based?

A: The residential soccer camps have their trainings take place in the towns of Cortina d’Ampezzo (Cortina), Jesolo Lido (Jesolo), Lignano Sabbiadoro (Udine) and Altopiano di Asiago – Gallio (Gallio). For residential campers, Cortina accommodations are at Alaska Hotel; Jesolo accommodations are at Marzotto Village; Lignano Sabbiadoro are at Bella Italia Village and Gallio accommodations are at Hotel Gaarten.  Soccer trainings will be done at soccer fields close to each site’s accommodations. More details can be found on the Camp Location page.

Q: What are the hotels’ telephone numbers and website?

A: Hotel telephone numbers and website are listed below:

  • The number of the reception of Alaska Hotel in Cortina is +39 0436 868539
  • The number of the reception of Marzotto Village in Jesolo is +39 0421 961068
  • The number of the reception of Hotel Gaarten in Gallio is +39 0424 65568
  • The number of the reception of Bella Italia Village in Lignano is +39 0431 409511

Please contact these telephone numbers only during the Summer Camp period.

Q: What does full accommodation include?

A: Accommodations vary based on camp site location. At Cortina’s Alaska Hotel there may be four or five children per room while there are mainly three children per room at Jesolo’s Marzotto Village, and Gallio’s Hotel Gaarten, Lignano Sabbiadoro are four children per room. Residential camps include accommodations, three meals per day, and snacks twice a day.

Q: Are meals provided?

A: Meals are included in the cost. Residential camps include three meals per day. Day camps include lunch only. Campers may also receive free snacks twice a day, once in the mid-morning and once in the mid-afternoon.

Q: Where are the coaching sessions going to take place?

A: The coaching sessions will take place:

  • In Cortina, the playing field will be at the Stadio Comunale Antonella De Rigo, Fiames and Zuel city council premises.
  • In Jesolo, the playing field will be at the Marzotto Village.
  • In Gallio, the playing field will be at the Campo comunale di calcio di Gallio.
  • In Lignano, the playing field will be at Bella Italia Sports Centre

Q: How many coaching sessions are there daily?

A: A typical day for the Milan Junior Camp includes two training sessions per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each session may be about two hours long. The rest of the day is taken up by entertainment and recreational activities (such as movies, group play, karaoke, minigolf, swimming when possible, etc.)

Q: How much pocket money will they need whilst on the camp?

A: It is suggested that each child have some pocket change for telephone calls, soft drinks, souvenirs or for small necessities such as ice cream or a drink after lunch or dinner.

Q: Can I visit my child during the camp?

A: During the activities and free-time the camp requests, unless for serious and urgent matters, not to disturb the children. The organizers will ensure to inform the families in the case of any problems that may arise from injury, sickness, as well as in the case of homesickness for the smaller children. Parents are welcome to attend the closing ceremony on the Friday night at the end of their child’s camp; more information will be provided in the camp welcome email packet before the start of camp.

Q: Can I stay on site with my child?

A: There is no accommodation for parents on site. You can find a list of local accommodations HERE (PDF)

Q: Are there specific Goalkeeping courses?

A: There are specific Goalkeepers training courses available. Just select the Goalkeeper Training Option during online registration. Please visit the Details Page for more information.

Q: Does the child need a ‘Child Tourist/Visitor Visa’ to attend the soccer camp?

A: IMPORTANT:  Please note, you are solely responsible for obtaining all needed travel documents including but not limited to a valid passport and any appropriate tourist travel visas for the person attending the soccer camp, the Participant.  You must contact the appropriate consulate office for entry requirements and visa requirements for the country where the selected camp is located.  Once you have registered your child with us, and have paid for the camp in full, upon your written request, we will be pleased to provide a letter confirming enrolment for the specific Participant. This letter may be required by certain consulates for the ‘Child Tourist/Visitor Visa’.  (NOTE: We can only issue the letter for the Participant not for any other person.)  Please be advised that consulate’s visa application processes can take many months.  The more you wait, the more chances you have to be denied the required ‘Child Tourist/Visitor Visa’ for your child and certain camps will not issue a refund.  Please check the terms for the camp.

Q: Do I need insurance?

A: We strongly recommend that campers purchase insurance for the duration of their camp. For those interested in purchasing insurance through, please see the Insurance Page for more information.

Q: Will I be in the same room as my friend?

A: Should you wish to share a room with a friend or relative please indicate this when you make your booking online. Please note that we cannot guarantee any room share requests. Please visit the Camp Location page for more information.

Q: How many weeks can my child attend for?

A: We advise you to only send your child for a maximum of two consecutive weeks. This is due to the busy training schedule throughout the week and after two weeks children tend to get tired, homesick, or possibly injured.

Q: When is the closing date for applications?

A: Applications are open until there are no slots left. Slots are limited and are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Once a session is filled, then it is closed for sale.

Q: What additional documents do I need to bring with me to camp?

A: The camp will need to receive the following additional documents after registration and before your camp start:

  • Filled out and signed paper registration form which will be provided in your welcome email packet
  • Participants need to bring a copy of their personal medical insurance company card and give it to the camp staff on the first day of camp along with the medical certificate
  • Participants will need to bring a medical certificate which is less than 1 year old at the start of their camp. Campers will not be accepted at the camp without the medical certificate. A sample medical certificate can be found in the welcome email packet for registered campers.

Q: When can I phone my child?

A: Campers are allowed to use their mobile phones during set times after their lunch and dinner. More information will be provided in your camp welcome email packet.

Q: What are the camp’s telephone numbers?

A: Camp telephone numbers will be provided in your camp welcome email packet a few weeks before the start of camp for registered campers.

Q: Do campers receive a soccer kit?

A: Yes, campers will receive an AC Milan Academy sport kit which will be used for all of the activities that will be conducted throughout the camp. Participants staying 2 weeks or more will get 1 AC Milan Academy sport kit for their stay.

Q: Is a laundry service available?

A: The camp will be responsible for the daily washing of the sport kit only. More information will be provided in your camp welcome email packet.

Q: My child has to follow a specific diet for health reasons. Is it possible?

A: If your child has any special dietary requirements, if you did not mention it when you registered online, please inform us as soon as possible. Most diets can be catered for by prior arrangement.

Q: My child takes prescription medication – should I inform you about this?

A: Yes, please be sure to indicate in the online application form any medication that your son is taking or if he is following a treatment. We will update the medical staff at the disposal at the camp who will follow your son. It is important that we receive accurate information about any pre-existing medical conditions your child may have. Should you not have already informed us of a medical condition when you registered online please do so as soon as possible. Please note that Milan Junior Camps accepts students on the assumption that they are in good health. If your child needs to bring any medication with them please give us full information about dosage, time to take the medication and storage information.

Q: Is there anybody supervising the participants during the night?

A: There is camp staff on site 24 hours per day.

Q: My child is participating for two weeks in the Summer Camp: will the staff take care of him during the transition period between one week to the other?

A: For campers in the two week sessions, there will be staff staying with the children during the weekend between the two weeks.

Q: What languages do the coaches speak at camp?

A: Milan Junior Camps are taught in Italian only. However, a few coaches speak some English during each session. For numerous years, we have had participants coming from all over the world and a lot of them do not speak Italian but acclimate very well to the camp as there is no language barrier in the past.